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Web Design Seo Forum _ Joomla Extensions _ Microformats Votes And Seblod Component

Posted by: varrinka Nov 15 2013, 08:31 PM

Hello, I understand that Microformats votes is compatible with many extensions and that additional extensions can be supported for a small extra fee. However, since Seblod is closely related to how com_content works, I thought I should first ask if it is possible to use Seblod with Microformats.

Seblod is a cck that uses Joomla core objects (com_content, com_users, etc.) without hacks to them, but it kind of takes over your article manager and similar functions. It also creates com_content "types" besides basic joomla articles.

Anyone know if they are (or could become) compatible? I don't mind paying for microformats votes and finding out I need to pay the extra fee to make it compatible with Seblod. I just don't want to buy it and find out there is no way it will ever work with Seblod (basicaly if it can't work in Seblod custom com_content types, it can't work for this particular joomla 3.x site).

Thanks for any info! smile.gif

Posted by: Web Design Seo Nov 18 2013, 06:32 AM

@varrinka, must be working with Seblod but is not tested for now. When we have time, we will test it and i will post here result. This will be not so fast, may be in next one week.

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