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Posted by: Web Design Seo Feb 24 2014, 03:26 PM

With every Joomla Scraper order ($29 USD) you receive FOUR downloads update subscription.

But how to update Joomla Scraper from previous version?
New Joomla Scraper versions are received only manual due on specific license generation. When you want to receive latest Joomla Scraper version, send us email from email used in your order and we will send you update.

How to update when i receive new component?
When you receive new Scraper version, just install it over Joomla installer. After this, you may need to configure new options in your feeds. You can see new added options in history log at top in

How to receive new subscription when my four downloads subscription is expired?
Is simple - just pay for one more license. You will receive license for component for one new domain plus four new downloads subscription.

How much cost one more license?
If You want, you can update number of licenses at any time: every next license of Joomla Scraper will cost You 10 USD.

Joomla Scraper Licenses - Prices:
Price for license for 3 more domains cost 20 USD.
Price for license for 10 more domains cost 50 USD (5 usd per domain).
Price for 50 licensed domains - 2 usd each. 50 domains license = 100 usd.
100 licensed domains or more - 1.50 usd each - 100 domains license = 150 usd.

Note: All prices are for one time work - to send you current number of licenses at once, in only one order. If you have achieved more than 10 licensed domains or more than 50, but you send every time only one new domain in one order, the price is 5 usd per domain.

If you want custom offer for some number of domains, please send us number and you will receive offer.

How to pay for more licenses?
Just send money in paypal to our Paypal account: admin at our website, than send us email with new domain and joomla and php versions.

I would like to change the domain name for which i bought the component, is it possible?
No, is not possible. Is possible only to add more domains to your license.


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